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The Bible in 90 Days


I have read the bible cover to cover once.  I did it with varying levels of intention and attention.  I now find myself a student in seminary, and my biblical familiarity is woefully lacking.  Over the next several years my study will bring me familiarity with large swaths of it, however I felt it was time to read through it again.  I recently entered the world of smartphones and quickly picked up and app You Version, which on New Years alerted me to a useful feature it has: plans.  I have subscribed to the Bible in 90 days plan.  As a big reader, the reading is not hard, but to challenge myself further I have undertaken to read it all aloud.


My first day the reading took a little under an hour.   Genesis 1-16.  Reading aloud is a fantastic way to experience any writings.  Forever close to my hear will be story time, where my father read to me and my sister every night until we were well into elementary school.  Even now reading the Hobbit recalls those nights.  Reading the Bible aloud I instantly feel more a part of a tradition, as opposed to simply reading through a book.

The reading today took me through the story of Noah.  I am always looking for little prayers and rituals which connect me moment to moment with God, and here is an easy one that quickly stood out to me.  When they disembark from the ark, God promises not to strike down all living creatures again:

As long as earth endures:
seed-time and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night,
will never cease. (Genesis 8:22)

This is a simple rhyme opens many reactions.  Above all it is hopeful.  This I will take with me to say when I see a rainbow, or when I am wishing for a rainbow during the long wet winter of the pacific northwest.


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